Wednesday, January 2, 2013


I'm now two days into my cleanse.

Aside from a nagging headache today, that is possibly from lack of caffeine or allergies, I haven't had too many crazy cravings or breakdowns.

Of course, I have 19 days to go. 

In addition to this cleanse I did set a few fitness resolutions for the new year.

1. I've registered for the Oklahoma City Memorial Half Marathon in April.  I have a ten week training plan I'll be starting on the 7th.

2. I registered for the Tour de Cure for a second time.  The last time I did it I barely finished, walked part of the way and made Mems come drive me home when I was finished. Goal is to train and finish successfully.

3. Do more yoga.  I want to do yoga every day, at least while I'm doing the cleanse.  As I mentioned the other day I'm hoping to work through my cynical, guarded psyche while working the toxins out of my system.  That includes taking the time to be one with myself, to listen to my body and to have quiet time.  This will be especially important while dealing with a huge, emotional decision over the next few weeks.

So far I have two yoga classes down (one with the wondrous Keri who teaches at St. John Health Club and one long hold class online).

I'll be hitting spin tomorrow and start the running plan on Monday.  Cross your fingers!

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  1. Wow, 10 weeks to train for a half is impressive. Good job! One of my goals is to complete the 10k program I just (re)started, and it's 15 weeks, but I actually like the slow build-up. I also want to do more yoga. I currently have it penciled in once a week, but I really need to increase it. The two Lulu stores closest to me offer free Sunday yoga, too. I still need to check it out.