Monday, January 21, 2013

Overcoming the plague and Eat to Live

So I caught the plague.  Or as my doctor calls it, a severe chest cold.

It's taken almost three weeks for me to kick the cough and feel more like a human.  I'm finally feeling more functioning, less like my head is in a sickness induced fog.  So, I'm getting serious about getting uber healthy right now.

I'm two days into the 'Eat to Live' plan by Dr. Joel Fuhrman.  I saw him on Dr. Oz a few weeks ago and ordered his book.  He specifically addresses the impact diet can have on autoimmune diseases and encourages a no animal products, no gluten, diet to help your immune system re-train and repair itself over time. So I'm trying his plan.

The first six weeks is really strict, mainly fruit and veggie diet, he encourages people to eat so much fruits and veggies that I haven't been hungry at all from not eating the dairy or grain I typically eat.  We'll see if that lasts after I start working out again.

Speaking of, with the plague I haven't worked out in almost three weeks.  I went to Hot Yoga on Sunday and it was really great to get back at it, but I'm a little anxious about my first run.  Going to attempt tonight.

How do you get back into a workout mode after sickness?

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