Sunday, March 31, 2013

Blood bonanza

So I went and got my blood checked after my 6 weeks of eating like a normal person.

Platelets went crazy, dropped in half.  Boo.

I've been back eating clean, no meat, little dairy, no alcohol, little gluten.

On the plus side I'm feeling a lot better than my last post.  My energy is up and I'm sure it will continue to boost as I stay on this plan.

I have been sidelined with my knee which I screwed up playing tennis in high school and re-screwed up in my half marathon training.  I've been doing physical therapy and wearing my brace and icing and I'm really sick of it, but it's so much better now than it was and hopefully will be getting better every day.

I'm going to add Body Pump into my routine while I can't get cardio, to tone up while I'm waiting for my knee to be 100% again.

Not working out is driving me crazy.

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