Saturday, April 27, 2013

Sick post

As I write this I'm dealing with my third round of sickness in about 9 months.

I really hate having a screwy immune system.  It's so busy fighting my platelets that it doesn't fight any other germ I come in contact with, it's bullshit.

So, I canceled plans, filled up my humidifier and spent the day in bed.  Every time I coughed my dogs barked at me and Molly bit me 3 times.

I finally gave up and decided to take a detox bath.

Epsom salt, vinegar, baking soda and sea salt.  I left the ginger out, I hate ginger.

I combined that with hot water and soaked for 45 minutes or so.

While I soaked (and took photos of my toes) the dogs howled and barked at me because they of course love to take baths.


While I was in the bath I could breathe.  I didn't cough at all. I sneezed 4 times which scared the dogs every time.

Once I was out I ate dinner and drank a quart of ice cold water.  I felt and still feel ten times better than I did before the bath.

Whether that was the stuff I dumped in the bath or the bath itself I have no clue. 

I was just happy to breathe through my nose.

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