Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Fighting Temptation

I started the day at work preparing for the Arctic Tundra descending on Tulsa... then the donuts appeared and I wasn't sure which I hated more, frosting or snow.

If you follow me on twitter (link on the left) you got a healthy dose of my whining, but I skipped the donuts and ate an apple. The rest of the day was tough, I'm getting more and more hungry, probably because I'm working out more, but I'm trying to keep the eating in control.

The best way I've found to fight the hunger pangs is to make it a game. A battle of brain vs. stomach. I know I don't need to eat more, so will I snack to quench the growling or will I be smart about my eating. Every time my stomach growls my brain gets a point, if I cave and eat I get dumber.

My main joy in life is proving I'm smarter than others so I'm rooting for the brain.

So I make it through the day, ready to leave work with a stomach roaring like a fucking lion and Mems calls, wanting me to stop at Whataburger.

So the day that started with donuts ends with me staring at shiny pictures of french fries and hamburgers in the drive thru. But I only went home with fries for Mems. Chicken strips and veggies waited for me at home.

On one hand I'd like to make little badges for a sash of some kind for this, like every time I skip a fast food stop or cook a healthy meal I get a girl scout like badge... but losing my gut is probably reward enough.

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