Saturday, January 23, 2010

Major Case of the Blahs

This was a tough day to get motivated. It's cold and rainy and I'm tired after a really long week.

I got up and ran some errands with the Mems and came home to work on my Photoshop class, and ended up watching a marathon of CSIs on my DVR and trying to nap.

Note going for a run is not on that list.

Then it got to be 7 o'clock and the Screen Actor's Guild awards were on, my room was a mess and I was feeling gross. But I persevered and got on that damn treadmill.

Using the glittery actors on screen as motivation I made it through my 3 minute intervals without dying, and when I got off the treadmill I felt so much better.

It's like the run cleared the blahs out of my head and relieved the stress from my shoulders. I never thought this fat ass would become one of those running nuts, who live for every run, but damn I could get used to this runner high.

It's almost better than coke (so I hear.)

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