Sunday, February 21, 2010

Running Coach

Despite my near death experience yesterday attempting 20 minute intervals I decided to try it again today. The assumption being if I'd run 20 minutes already it'd be easier to do it again.

So I gathered up little Molly Moo and plopped her on the guest room bed with a chew toy while I hopped on the treadmill. Yesterday she attempted to climb under the treadmill while I was running so I'm trying to avoid skinning her.

Molly's on the bed and I turn the treadmill on and start my walking warm up and she is instantly mesmerized.

It's quite the opposite of Bella's frustration with me on the treadmill which I documented here:

Instead Molly watched me walk and then start running, her head cocked to the side curiously. Looking at my feet and then up to my face.

As I did yesterday I took a brief walking break to stretch my angry calves. I was off the treadmill probably about 30 seconds total. Molly would have none of it, as soon as my feet were off that motorized track she started barking her head off.

I told her to be quiet and started running again, noting her constant amazement at the treadmill.

So I tested her and hopped off again, just stepping onto the side panels of the treadmill and again the yapping began.

Apparently my 3 pound shih tzu is going to be my drill sergeant keeping my ass on the treadmill at all times.


  1. heh heh... it's good to have a drill sargeant! Keep after it, Kate. Once you push through this part of the training, you'll feel a great sense of accomplishment. In a few weeks, you'll be amazed that it was difficult.