Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bucket List Part 1

I've been thinking long and hard... and here is the first 10 of my 28 things to do when I'm 28. Some are health related some are just pipe dreams. The majority are things I've never done, well the PG things I've never done.

1. Run a half marathon. I've got a 5k under my belt, so now I'm pushing to a 10k. I'm going to re-double my running training and increase my distance.

2. Learn a foreign language- I took spanish in college and once upon a time was much more lingual in it. I need to pick up some spanish disks at the library and refresh my brain.

3. Have a Daria marathon with Tashadoestulsa & Nicole- We've been tweeting about it and we must make it happen. I have the show... you chicas name a time and locale.

4. Be a better sister- I need to spend more time with my mini-me and the other two. The last time I hung out with my brother was his birthday which is the day after mine, so it's been about a year since we did more than chit chat. Same with Cass.. she's 18 and impressionable so I should teach her the ways of my cynical bitchiness.

5. Be a more adventurous eater- the list of things I don't like to eat is longer than the things I do. I need to try new things, new cuisines and not be a baby. But I never want to eat meet off a bone. That will not change.

6. Road trip to Chicago- I've wanted to go there for years and take the boat architecture tour and eat at Rick Bayless' restaurant and do my excellent Oprah impersonation in her town, and go to Steppenwolf. It's time to do it.

7. Take photos of the 1st 12 fire stations in Tulsa. Most of them are no longer working, but they're still there... gorgeous old buildings. I want to shoot all of them. I also just want to get my camera out and use it more... this project is near and dear to my heart.

8. Finish my certificate- it's giving me more skills for the resume and making me realize I'm not completely computer illiterate.

9. Go to the nature- I'm not sure if you've met me but I'm a prissy girl. I once drunkenly proclaimed at my birthday party "I only pee in toilets." This is my attitude when it comes to nature. But I figure if Goldie Hawn can learn to love roughing it in "Private Benjamin" then I can tough it out at least once.

10. Find a church- I've been to a few in town... and I have issues with some organized religion. But I'd like to find a church that fits in with my faith and politics would be rewarding for me and Mems.

Okay... 10 more tomorrow... the final 8 on Saturday.

I know you're all anxiously waiting.

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  1. I want to go to Chicago at eat at Rick Bayless' restaurant and see a show at Steppenwolf. That will be a blast. I'm not a very outdoorsy girl either, but I recommend Osage Hills State Park up near Woolaroc/Bartlesville. I want to stay a weekend in one of the cabins this summer.