Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Rest of my Bucket List...

I'm late. I did this crazy thing for my birthday weekend and did not turn on my computer at all. If I couldn't access it on my phone I just couldn't look at it. It was refreshing.

Now, here's the remainder of my Bucket list for my 28th year

11- Write. Once upon a time I wanted to write the great American novel... a semi-autobiographical tale of my unusual childhood. I even have a title "Get The Fuck Out of my Room: and other stories from my childhood." But I haven't written a non news related story in years and that's just sad.

12- Go Hiking... it will get me out in the nature and a good workout. Rock climbing is also acceptable.

13- Go horseback riding. I've never done it but I've always wanted to go.

14- Watch the Godfather movies. Never seen them, but I know I need to, just watched Star Wars for the first time a few weeks ago.

15- Be less self conscious. I'm loud and bitchy mainly to deflect people from looking at me. I feel bad meeting people in person because I'm afraid I'll disappoint them. I try on 8 outfits before I leave the house. Yes, I know I'm melodramatic and need more therapy.

16- Audition for a play. Some of my best times were spent on the stage in high school. Prancing around in a tutu in "You Can't Take it with You" or spouting off southern sarcasm in "Steel Magnolias." I miss that camaraderie. I'm still best friends with Truvy and Shelby. Maybe we'll just reenact it in my backyard.

17- Read the top ten novels of all time- The Modern Library Association listed the top 100... but I'm feeling less adventurous. Let's try the top 10- I've only read one of them and it's my favorite book.

18- Be forgiving. I'm very cut and dry, if you piss me off odds are I'll just cut you out of my life and not deal with your drama in the future. But Mems tells me that's not healthy and I should learn to deal with issues and move on, so I'll give it a try.

19- Go out of the country- I've never been. Partially because I'm a journalist so I'm pretty broke all the time. But I'd love to go to Greece. May have to settle for Canada or Mexico to reach this goal without breaking the bank.

20- Go To more concerts- I am a self confessed concert whore, but my penchant for expensive tickets put me on a moratorium on spending. So I want to find more local bands to check out live and when I do go to big shows know I don't have to buy floor seats. Unless it's Clapton.

21- Wear my hair short (er)- It's been years since my hair was above my shoulders. In my 28th year I should experiment more, get rid of part of my "mermaid hair."

22- Give up soda for good. There are a million reasons I shouldn't drink it... so I'm going to stop. I mean it this time.

23-The lovely Holly pointed out I had a repeat. I suck at life. Let's make this one cutting back on cursing. It could happen, I promise. Just not saying Fuck... ooh maybe I'll make this not using any curse word but fuck.

24- Pay off my debt- I want everything but my student loans paid off, my credit card put in the freezer and to operate on cash only. Debt is horrible.

25- Find a new job. I've been talking about it for years... but I'm burned out and ready for a change. Just need to find my next big dream.

26- Give up Fast Food. See the soda entry.

27- Take a cooking class. I'm old enough now I should be able to cook more than rice, scrambled eggs and pancakes.

28- Relax. Stop overbooking myself, take time to breathe, relax and enjoy my friends and family. And those adorable dogs of mine.


  1. Anything your friends can do to help with #15, we'd be happy to do. As someone who met you in person after getting to know you online, you didn't disappoint in the slightest. You're fun and funny. So there.

  2. I wrote a huge, hilarious, incisive, and kind comment, and it seems to have been eaten by Blogspot.

    So I'll just say I've full faith you can tackle these in the next year or two. Knock 'em down one by one! Show 'em who's Kate and who is merely another goal to go down before her great might!