Friday, June 4, 2010

Goals, Goals, Goals

Let's talk about goal setting kids. I know I go on and on about being healthy and realistic about my goals, but let's face it I'm a vain bitch.

I want to be thin and blonde and gorgeous. Now I need to be thinner and blonder by July 18th. You see I've been nominated for an Emmy.

It's not the first time and knock on wood won't be the last... but this is the first time I've needed a formal dress since I put on this weight. The last time I was nominated I wore a tight black tube dress with heels and I want to look better this time.

So I have six weeks to whip myself into shape. In honesty, I'm still trying to kick this funk I've been stuck in the last few months, year or so really.

So here goes, grocery lists made, new running schedule made, new classes to take at the gym.

Keep me honest readers.

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