Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dos and Don'ts...

It seems my life has become a rigid structure of rules and regulations.

Between the limitations of not having platelets and the new weird diet restrictions I'm on to boost my platelets back up... it's pretty fun. (Note this is where I would use the sarcasm font if it had been invented.)

On second thought screw that note... you can pretty much assume anything I typed is veiled in some form of sarcasm. It's just easier that way.

I decided it was easier to break it down on what I can and can't eat... can and can't do... at least until I have platelets now.

No dairy, meat or flour can cross my lips. Sugar is also a no no... but I have a bit now and then. Fairly certain I'd kill someone if I didn't. And a bit of chicken once in a while... but mainly vegan diet.

In order to avoid looking like a battered woman I've also had to make some adjustments in my low-platelet world. No "risky" activities... i.e. rock climbing, tattoos or piercing, heavy lifting or road trips. My doctor actually yelled at me when I told him I had a road trip planned despite my low platelets. It's like he knew I texted while driving... and also sang to the radio and applied make up on the highway.

Of course, I'm already covered in bruises from breaking up dog fights and tripping and falling over myself. I once broke my nose in ballet class so this is really not the best disease for me to have. Man that tutu looked creepy covered in blood.

I'm also downing tons of vitamin C and B12... to combat the exhaustion brought on by my overrachieving immune system.

The plus side of all this is that I've gotten alot of stuff done around the house... and become quite the library whore. I'm seriously going through 3-4 books a week. It's an addiction and not one of those good ones that leads to being skinny... like all those super skinny models addicted to cocaine in the 80s.

In the long run I'm sure I'll be healthier, but I really miss cheese.


  1. I request a book list, please. :)

  2. Deal. It's been a collection of books from random genres.