Sunday, August 1, 2010

Planning Ahead

As I write this I can barely lift my 10 pound shih tzu up onto the bed. Emptying the dishwasher was also fun. Every time I bent over my back muscles screamed in pain.

Ah, the joys of Body Pump.

Yesterday I decided I'd been doing the class regularly enough to go from the 5 pounds I was using to 7.5 lbs. But, I was late to class and most of the weights were gone.. so I ended up using 10 pounds at Saturday's class.

Holy crap I'm sore today, but it's that sore that makes me feel accomplished and productive. Hoping to hit Wednesday night's class... and I will be on the elliptical in the morning. I kind of love sore muscles.

Now I'm planning my meals for the week. Quinoa pasta and organic pasta tonight. Stir fry, polenta & veggies, big salad, beans and rice. I'm pre-cooking some stuff tonight to make it easier.

Look at me planning ahead, such a big girl.

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