Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Musings from Today's Walk

The girls and I hit the park for our jog tonight.  They're getting a bit better at it.  Bella made it 3/4 around the track before she decided she wanted to stop and sit down.  Molly just kept running and letting the leash pull her back. 

Kind of like Mike Meyers in that one SNL skit with Nicole Kidman where she gives him chocolate and he calls her the Devil.

Anyway, my goal tonight was to not sing aloud during the jog. So armed with my Pandora set to a Madonna station we set off.  Vogue popped up first and I zipped my lips and took off.  Then as the song ended I realized while I hadn't been singing along, but I'd been voguing my ass around the trail.  I suppose I should be glad Like a Virgin didn't pop up or I'd have dropped to the concrete and started writhing around.

Chagrined I stopped dancing and we finished the trail... and then I decided to snap some pics every time Bella needed a break (she's quite lazy.)

So here you go:

The girls want to go opposite ways home.  They also think every driveway is ours.

 If my dogs crapped in other yards I'd hope it was this one.

I don't know who Mr. Godzilla is... but I hope he's not missing his street mix.

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