Thursday, November 4, 2010

Food For Faces

There is a special time of the month where my face decides to explode.  Keep in mind I am nearly 30 years old, when will the hormone skin insanity stop?
I was feeling sorry for myself  when I noticed an article on one of my fave blogs about eating your way to better skin... let's see what I'm doing wrong.

Food For Good Skin

I read an article connected to this list and it basically said everyone's skin is different and some foods can trigger breakouts more than others... basically you have to chart them. 

So with this list in mind I'm going to clean up my eating again- I'll be perfectly honest I've been cheating more since I got back from vacation than I did while on vacation- and see if I can get my skin back under control.

Seriously, I can't handle breakouts.  I'm a crazy hippie girl who's horrible at wearing makeup so I can't hide this shit effectively.  I rely on peaches and cream complexion to be fine without make up.

Mother Nature can be a bitch sometimes.

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