Thursday, October 7, 2010

Vacation Work Out

Greetings from the Twin Cities dears. 

I'm currently sitting in my pal Carly's house preparing to drive to Duluth for the day.  Where we will walk around the great lakes and I'll feel all natur-y and bullshit.  I think we all know I'm not a nature girl.

Yesterday we started off the day with a walk around Lake Calhoun, which was gorgeous and about 3 miles. 
Lake Calhoun

Unfortunately I was not wearing the right shoes so I have a blister so I won't be running like I'd planned this trip.  But we're doing enough walking that it's not that bad.

Between the stairs, walks, treks through museums, etc. We've been walking pretty much non-stop.  

I'm not going to lie, I have fallen off the diet a bit.  You can't visit a new city and not try some of the great local foods.  But I'm drinking nothing but water (and the occasional 5 point beer) to keep from getting puffy from salt.

How about you guys?  Do you stick to a diet on vacation or give yourself a break?


  1. Break.. Vacations are also Vacations from your diet.

  2. Break. But I try to stay away from soda.

  3. Break... too bad it's continued for more than a month after my vacation.

  4. I break...but try to pick just a few things to splurge on. Or one meal so Im not just overeating the whole time Im away. Its tough tho!! Being out of your routine really throws things off.