Thursday, December 16, 2010

Looking Good Naked

I read a great article the other day, about the pressure on women to work out to look thin, to look good naked, fit into a smaller dress... be thinner and be happier, etc. 

Here it is from one of my fave sites,

Just days after reading it I got this Cosmo in the mail-

It doesn't just have Ashley Greene's boobs preacariously close to falling out of her shirt... but promises a workout that will help you look leaner naked in just 14 days!

It is irksome to see so many women's magazines pandering to our insecurities to sell magazines.  Hell, I'm guilty b/c of my Cosmo subscription (it ends next month and I didn't renew) but it still annoys.

I mean, yes, I don't have completely altruistic purposes behind getting in shape.  I want to be healthy of course and I want to be thinner, look better naked, all that jazz.  But to boil all women's rationale down to being more attractive to possible love matches is insulting.

So I'm going to keep hitting the gym and the treadmill and keep at it for my own reasons.

And eventually it will probably make me look better naked too.


  1. Does your magazine have anything to say about marshmallows looking good naked?

  2. I think everyone looks good naked, it's looking good nude that gets to be the problem. To paraphrase John Berger from long ago. Naked is as you are, unobserved, at ease. Nude is being observed by someone else (even if it's you looking in the mirror). Nude is a form of dress.

  3. It's amazing, at first you do work out to become better looking to yourself, to society, to a possible significant other. Then there comes a point where you just accept yourself and as long as you have educated yourself on what is healthy and good for your body, then you continue on that life long journey, in peace, not obsessing. It can take a while to get there though. Especially with magazines, movies, reality TV, and just our peers trying to influence us into not liking who we are.