Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Top Five

So I'm one of those people that likes lists... so when I saw that Blogger keeps track of who views which posts the most... I got excited.  So here's a look at the top 5 Fat Ass posts... and which one is my favorite.

1- Thrifting It Up- This is number 1 and I have 2 theories why... one Tasha featured it on her blog and she's much cooler and more popular than me. Second- my kid sister's pictures are awesome.  She pretty much did whatever I said that day, which doesn't happen often.

2- Life of an Instructor- This rocks because my friend Allison is hilarious and was blunt and honest about her weight loss story. You have to respect her and learn from it.

3- Gwyneth Goes Goop - This is my favorite.  I blame my love hate relationship with Gwnnie for my love of this post.  Also I like it when I get really bitchy online.   Or in life.  I like being bitchy... funny bitchy.  And I really want to hang out with Gwyn.

4-Nostalgia- Ah the quest for youth... with Carrie Bradshaw questions and my high school reunion.  I'm still bummed I didn't do the Romy and Michelle dance while I was there.

5- A Different Kind of Post- My Mems post!  It makes me cry and made her cry (not an easy feat) I take this ranking to mean that you love Mems as much as I do... which will make her feel better.  She thinks everyone hates her because of the mean things I say about her on twitter.

So there's the most viewed pages this year... I'm surprised by some, not by others.  And I'm pretty glad my fave made the list.

Let's see if I can come up with five more awesome ones next year.

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