Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dirty Secret

I'm going to reveal a deep dark secret.  Of course as you guys know I have no shame and will say pretty much anything that pops into my head.

So here it is- I have a mild case of athlete's foot.   I know, it's gross.

But I share so you can learn.  Or you can laugh at me for being an idiot.

You see I have no idea how long I've had athlete's foot.  I noticed it when my shoes smelled like vinegar ( I know gross... but come on, I blogged about people who shit their pants during marathons, get over it) and I hit one of my fave sites...  I have no other symptoms, which Mems says is good cause my Pops used to get it all the time and it was horrible.

My Mems seriously banned me from the site once because I kept telling her random diseases I thought I had.  I was 22.

Anyway the site helped me realize that I had the horrid fungus.  I went to my fave store Target and picked up some cream to make it stop.

It was weird, I got a little sense of pride.  Like Hey, I'm a real athlete now, I have fungus to prove it. 

In reality I just re-wore socks one too many times and didn't air out my shoes like I should.  It has nothing to do with my athletic prowess ( or lack there of)... just my inherent laziness.

So shoes have been cleaned, socks washed and re-stocked to avoid re-wear... cream used nightly.

Time for me and my smelly feet to hit the treadmill.

1 comment:

  1. The cream will clear it up in no time.

    I haven't had it since my poor college student / active amateur sportsman days. If I told you how many times I rewore socks then, you wouldn't eat for a week.

    Now, I know better. I wear socks one time, then I wash them. I haven't had the problem in over 15 years...