Thursday, February 17, 2011


Okay peeps... I want you to read these two articles... then post your thoughts. 

I'm curious how others react to this mentality.

New York Times piece on actresses eating.

And one bloggers response.


  1. I think the greatest voice of reason in this debate was what the source from Jezebel said in the NYT piece - that'd it be nice if an actress said basically, yeah, OK, so I don't eat loads of greasy, fattening foods. My job requires that I stay a certain size, and sometimes, that's tough, just like the requirements of lots of other jobs can be tough, too.

    Or, what if an actress/interviewee ate voraciously, but she chose to eat healthful, plant-based foods, perhaps with small portions of animal protein for good measure? Would that make the cut when it comes time to edit the piece for print? Because beyond what the Jezebel source said she'd like to see when a writer mentions what an actress is eating during an interview, I'd like to see someone mention how Kiera Knightly ate a shitload of garden salad and chased it with a hearty lentil soup, and THEN ate, like, a kiwi and a bunch of grapes. That would rule.

  2. That was my exact thought. I work in an industry where the women are expected to stay healthy (though not to the extent of Hollywood) and I see the work they put in to doing just that... it's not something to be afraid of.. the Jezebel article was spot on to me.

    It's not quirky to talk about think actresses eating lots of fodd, it's not endearing, it's sending young girls the wrong message.

    It'd be awesome to see an article exemplify an actress for eating responsibly and discussing that... instead of gobbling down greasy, fatty food.