Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Playing Catch Up

This is the first week where my schedule has resembled normalcy.  No early mornings at work, lunch breaks sitting at my desk... or long nights working on stories about snow.

The sun is shining and I'm trying to get back in my habits.  I've been out of those habits for 2 weeks and that makes it hard to fall easily back into the swing of things.

So, I decided to play catch up on Saturday and go for my interval run right before my Body Pump class.  That was a colossal bad idea.

The interval went great, I made better time on the treadmill at my gym than I did on the treadmill in my guestroom... I think it's cause I was running faster to look better for people in the gym... gym peer pressure.

Then I stretched and got a drink of water and headed to Body Pump with my friend Robyn. 

I was okay during the squats and upper body... then towards the end of the hour class... we started lunges.

I never do lunges with weight because of my gimp knee... but I do them without weight nonetheless.  I was about halfway into the routine on my first leg when the cramping and shaking started.

So, I half assed my way through one leg and tried to do the same on the other leg... but it was not happening.

It was like my poor muscles only had so much in them and I had tapped out.

So I skipped yoga Sunday and gave my legs a rest... then was back on the treadmill Monday night.

Holy Hell does my ass hurt.

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