Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Vegan... the backstory.

This is not the first time I went vegetarian (or vegan as is the case this time) I also tried the diet out my freshman year in college.

You see there was this boy.  He had dreadlocks and was in a band... he was vegan and I loved his blue eyes.

He smelled like patchouli and bad decisons and I gave up meat just because he did.

I didn't know anything about the diet, how it was really a lifestyle change, I just stopped eating meat.  Not the wisest decison.

But no one could change my mind... Mems would bitch at my about eating protein and I'd pretend to listen to her... but I'd forget it all as soon as he held my hand... or cuddle with me on the couch... or wink at me while playing a concert.

I was a vegetarian groupie.

But eventually the luster wore off.  I got tired from lack of protein, tired of eating veggies and tired of the boy (this may have coincided to when he tried to get me to give up ice cream).

So I went back to eating meat and stopped pretending to be something I wasn't.

That makes this my 2nd go round on this diet... but the first time I ever did it for me.

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