Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My RomCom Life

I came to a decision the other night... keep in mind this was made after drinking vodka and watching "Morning Glory" and "Life As We Know It"... I'm ready for my life to become a romantic comedy.

I say that knowing I'm more Parker Posey than Meg Ryan in the romantic comedy character wheel.  I'm not cute and perky, I'm dark and twisty.

In fact I attempted to be positive and perky the other day and my friends thought they were being incepted. 

But really I have all the other componets... I'm blonde, klutzy and have a dramatic career... that always works well for Katherine Heigl or Rachel McAdams.

So bring on the randomly hilarious dates, the babies left on my doorstep or the trick inheritance clause that makes me have to get married before my next birthday. 

I'm ready for my sitcom.  As long as it has a happy ending... preferably one with Steve Martin or Ben Affleck waiting for me at the end.

I'm ready for humourous blind dates, awkward meet cutes that will all end in my finding my one true love.
You're all now supporting members of the Kate movie.  Bring on the cliches.


  1. Dude, if I die young you have to marry Cory and raise Elizabeth and Gut Nugget.

    This is your story arc...

  2. Ha! I heart you and would prefer you be my sarcastic backbone on my arc.

    We can kill of someone I don't like so much.