Monday, March 21, 2011

Seven Days Update

Here's an update on how I'm doing with my Seven Days Jennifer Aniston program.

Did the elliptical at the gym for 45 minutes Sunday.  Was going to run a pretend 5k on the treadmill but my knee is killing me.  Something about running outside is not setting well with my bum knee.  Going to try to hit the track tomorrow morning and see how it goes.

Monday night I had my Weight Watchers meeting and instead of losing the 1.5 pounds I was hoping for I'd actually gained a litle over a pound.  Funny thing is I know exactly what I did to gain.. too many potatoes both in the broiled, fried and alcohol versions.  So I'm correcting myself.

Then to get in my workout for the day I came home and ate dinner and then did 45 minutes of Pilates while watching "Bethany Ever After"  Holy Hell- I ended up going through my basic pilates routine (it's about 7 moves) three times in that time including three 90 seconds planks from hell.  I don't know if I've told you this before but I have no abs. 

On the plus side Molly Molls decided she likes my pilates mat and laid by me while I worked out.  Usually getting her to cuddle is like getting me to stop eating Mike & Ikes. AKA Not happening.  The fluffy bitch hates to cuddle.

Good thing my bulldog is a snugglebunny


  1. Pilates is EXTREMELY addictive ... especially @ $1 per minute, at least that's what I used to spend !

    Saw a Tweet of yours on Twitter ... easy to make friends over Pilates!

    Good luck on your Quest !

  2. I always enjoyed Pilates and have tons of DVDs but never seem to make myself do it. I don't work out at home very well and never consistently.

    I wonder if the lack of snuggling is a shih tzu trait. Sully wants to be cuddled as long as you're actively petting her, but the moment your hand stops moving, she's outta there.

  3. @David- yes Pilates is uber addictive. I used to pay for a class but now I just do it on my own.

    @brigid- I bet it is a breed thing cause that's exactly how Molly is.. she won't even sleep by me, just at the foot of the bed.