Friday, April 29, 2011

My Route 66 Roadtrip

So last week one of my BFFs came to visit.  Carly used to work here many moons ago but now is back in her hometown of Minneapolis... but I periodically convince her to come back to Tulsa to visit. 

This time when she came we drove to Oklahoma City along Route 66... if you follow me on Twitter you've seen these pics... if not... enjoy.

Happy Burger in Sapulpa.  Love this sign.

We checked out the abandoned TeePee Drive in also in Sapulpa and I stole this C from the old marquee letters. 
Carly also snagged a letter for herself.

We stopped at the Rock Cafe in Stroud for lunch.
I went off the vegan for the road trip so I had a grilled cheese.

An original gas station along Route 66.

Carly in action snapping photos.
You can't take the photog out of the girl.

The Round Barn in Arcadia.  So cool. 
I also bought a bitchin' squirrel vase while I was there.

Made it to OKC and found the Banjo Museum.  I want to go to there with Steve Martin.

Flaming Lips!

Vince Gill!

Pops!  Stopped for ice cream and soda.  Amazeballs.

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  1. It looks like a fun trip :) I need to get out and do some roadtripping this summer..