Monday, May 2, 2011

Cleansing it Up

So I've been in a slump.  I'm still getting over whatever sickness I've been battling for the last week and a half... that on top of being on vacation for a week means I've been eating lazy and being lazy.

I haven't been able to run or ride the bike because I haven't been able to breathe deeply without coughing. I haven't cooked because I'm exhausted and I've been snacking or not eating at all.

Not the way to stay healthy or lose weight.

So I'm jumpstarting myself back onto the horse and going back to the Quantum Cleanse .

No alcohol, animal products, caffeine, gluten, sugar for 21 days.  I hit the store and stocked up on my fave fruits and veggies.

Made some Falafel-Millet patties and some Amy's organic veggie soup to eat this week for lunch.

Peeled an orange for tomorrow and sliced carrots to have on hand. 

So let's do it.  Get all this gunk out of my system and get healthy again.

Slump be damned!


  1. You're a wise woman. I ought to follow suit.

  2. It's helped me get back on track so much.

    I've cheated a bit with drinks but the clean eating is helping immensely.