Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lazy Runner

If you're not in Oklahoma then let me enlighten you... it's typically 115 degrees outside these days.  Which makes it hard to run outside.

I have some running friends who are much more hard core than I am and will get up early or wait until after dark and run in the hot, muggy heat. 

I'm lazy.  I stopped running outside almost a month ago and have been sticking to the treadmill either at my house or at the gym. 

Sometimes I feel bad or like less of a runner, but I also don't want to drop dead at the park by my house.

On the plus side since I started running inside and using mynew Jeff Galloway training app I've shaved 6 minutes off my 5k time.

It's still a slow 39 minutes... but hey it's a start.

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