Thursday, March 15, 2012

Finding Peace

I started doing something unusual for me last week.  Regular Yoga.

I've dabbled in yoga and pilates over the years, mainly pilates, but the Y offers at 1hour and 15minute yoga class every Monday and Wednesday.  So I've been taking advantage of them.  It's been kind of amazing.

I've gotten my body into some crazy weird positions that I never thought I'd do.  There were literally moves that the first night I went I couldn't do and when I went back the next time my body just went there.  I was like a bendy pretzel chick by the 2nd week! 

Not only that my body would pop in amazing ways and then shift and my back feels amazingly wonderful.  I seriously felt taller after a few classes.  Witness this conversation with Mems:

Kate: do I look taller? I've done yoga twice this week.

Mems: Do I look Hispanic? I had rice and beans for dinner.
I still say I look taller.

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