Monday, March 19, 2012

WW Check In

So I tracked obsessively.  Worked out 5 days.  And I gained a pound.

A motherfucking pound.

This was my first week back on the track everything WW rule.  The last time I obsessively tracked I lost 20 pounds, so I'm hoping to do it again and stick to it and lose more.  But it's not happening yet.

So I looked at what I did last week that could have stopped me from losing any weight.  I used all my 'bonus' points and a few of my activity points on meals out.  So this week, no dining out unless I know exactly what points I'm getting and no using of any of my bonus or activity points.

Once I hit my point total I can only eat 0 point fruits and veggies.

I will do this or starve trying.

1 comment:

  1. I've had weeks like that, you do everything right but the scale doesn't cooperate. It seems like it's been the weeks I work out the most too. I've blamed it on the muscle I built while exercising. Hang in there - I know you'll reach your goal!