Sunday, March 25, 2012

WW Check In!

So I tracked points obsessively for a week.

I mean OBSESSIVELY.  I spent days contempating my points, what foods were what points, and what I could snack on and still be under my daily points.

Food would come in the newsoom and I would start whining and contemplating points before popping a piece of sugar free gum in my mouth.  I then proceeded to smack my gum like Flo and randomly yell "Kiss my grits!" When I couldn't eat a free piece of pizza.

I skipped the pizza, donuts, and cookies that came through the newsroom.  I did buy one box of trefoil girl scout cookies and ate them 5 a day.  Five of those cookies are 5 points.  It took me a week to eat the entire box and I relished every bite like a convict eating his last meal.

I starved and bitched and whined but managed to stay on points almost every day.  I used 9 of my bonus points during the entire week, got 28 activity points from my running and cycling.  Then I got up bright and early on Saturday to fit in a 7:30 am meeting before I started my insane weekend of errands.

I waited in line in my yoga pants and t-shirt and flip flops, anxious with the other early birds waiting to see what the scale held for them. 

When it was finally my time on the digital scales of justice I took off the flip flops and plopped my feet with my ruby red toes up and waited on my verdict.

Down 3.4 pounds! 

I apologize to all of you I whined and bitched about my points to this week, but I'm going to do the same thing again this week and hope for the same result.

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