Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Cute boys at the gym

Let's talk about something crazy that's happened not once, but twice in the last week: seriously cute guys taking or teaching classes at the gym.

Last week I took my 2nd spin class and ended up on a bike next to a guy who was a runner taking his very first spin class.

There are rarely any age appropriate guys in my classes at the gym, which is fine with me because I look like a pasty homeless person when I go to work out.

We finished class and I looked like I'd been dunked in a vat of sweat and R promptly did the Downward dog and cobra to stretch post class. Color me amused and red.  I get really red and sweaty in spin class.

Then I took a Pilates class this week and the instructor was adorable!  First, I was surprised to find a man teaching Pilates (yes, I know that is a sexist statement) and then I was delighted at his adorableness.  So I'll be taking that class again.

I mean he was so adorable and when class was over he said "Hey girl, thanks for coming to class to day!"


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