Monday, October 22, 2012

Saga of the Thumb

Let's talk about my thumb.

Molly bit it on Wednesday while I was breaking up a fight between her and Bella.  A fight caused by Mems telling Molly to stop eating Bella's food because she was fat.

Molly managed to bite my left thumb right on the joint between my thumb and my hand.  It happened around noon when I was home to eat lunch and by the time I left work at 6 I was practically crying it hurt so bad if I moved or touched my thumb.

Here's a montage of the thumb. Isn't my nail polish adorbs?
I know what you're thinking, what kind of pussy cries over a sore thumb?  To put it in perspective- I had a bone marrow biopsy that hurt less than my thumb did at this point in time.

After a night of soaking it in hot water and Epsom salts and tylenol I woke up with a thumb roughly three times it's normal size and the color of a ripe tomato.  So I went to urgent care.

Doc there told me dog bites are only really worrisome if they are on the hand or joint because of the risk of infecting.  Molly was 2 for 2 on that one.  Also it was already infected.  My thumb got infected in less than 12 hours.  Molly needs to use more listerine.

So I got some X-rays, a tetanus shot and some super strong antibiotics to kill every bacteria in my body.

Which I'm now experiencing all of the side effects to the nth degree. My theory is that since I don't take any medications and don't eat a lot of processed foods (save my beloved Diet Dr. Pepper) that the chemicals are going to town on my body.

But, my thumb is slowly healing (tendon in tact, bone safe, soreness abating) and the infection is clearing up fast.

So, six more days of the stomach killing medication then I'm a new, bacteria free woman.

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