Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Yoga injuries

I was on stay-cation last week and decided to do yoga as much as I could while I was off work.

I bought a groupon for unlimited classes at The Yoga Room and took a class every day but one.  It was much needed for my mental and physical health.

Now I'm back at work and my groupon has expired.  The Yoga Room classes don't mesh that well with my work schedule so I went to hot yoga at my gym on Monday night and got a little daring.

I tried not one but two poses that I've never done successfully before.

First, The Wheel.

That is not me.  This is from a Fitsugar yoga post.

I didn't get my head off the ground, but I did get the rest of me up, which is a feat with my incredibly inflexible shoulders.

I did it twice, holding it a few seconds each time.  Hopefully this is a step towards me shoulders loosening up.

Then we got some free time to do any poses we wanted that weren't in class.  I was feeling ballsy so I went with the Crow.

That's not me either.  That's from a different Fitsugar Yoga post.  I really love Fitsugar.

As you can see the knees are balanced on the elbows and the weight is in your arms and your core is tight to hold it all together.

I held it twice.  For like 3 seconds each time.  I was amazed. I was giddy. I got too sure of myself.

I went for it one more time before going into Savasana.

I placed my hands on the mat, squatted and prepared my core for the move.  Knees up, arms slightly bent and a deep breath.

Then I fell face first onto the hardwood barely cushioned by my mat.  I turned my head to avoid breaking my nose (I did that in ballet already, I couldn't do it in Yoga too) and instead landing on my cheek bone.

Remember that scene in "Pretty Woman" where Julia Roberts talks about men knowing exactly where to slap women to inflict the most pain? I did that to myself.

If you don't remember that scene then I'm not sure we should ever be friends.

Anyway, my stranger Yoga buddy giggled, I said shit and then went right into Savasana with a swollen and numb cheek.

On the plus side, no bruise!

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