Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cross Training my ass.

I run 3 days a week and walk on the treadmill 3 days a week... and do jackshit one day a week.

I don't really do a lot of cross training. When I'm really stressed out I'll throw some Pilates in to de-stress myself. I've never really given much thought to throwing in weights or anything else, just focused on my runs and upping my run times... until tonight.

I had to go to a friend's house for an event planning session and I'd never been there before, turns out her house is at the bottom of a hill in a cul-de-sac. So I had to park the car at the top of the hill and then walk down 2 flights of stairs to get to her house.

Down the starts to the house wasn't that bad, it was walking back up that made me realize no matter how much I run... my ass is not in shape yet. I was seriously huffing and puffing my ass up those stairs in some cute ass hooker boots. They were not made for stair climbing.

So as I sat in my car catching my breath before the drive home I decided I need to branch out.

My insurance has a new program with cheaper gym memberships so I'm thinking about joining a gym, mainly so I can take some classes and tone up some other muscles.

What about you readers? What's your favorite way to cross train?

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