Friday, March 5, 2010

Like an episode of 90210...

So I had to take step back from working out this week, and I hated to do it... but I had a Monday morning that made me feel like a "Very Special Episode" of Full House or 90210.

I woke up feeling not so great but decided to push through and go to the gym.

Cut to me on the elliptical about to pass out like Kelly Taylor on diet pills or DJ Tanner starving herself.

No, I have not been starving myself or taking diet pills. The near pass out was most likely a combination of exhaustion, allergies and me being an idiot.

I've been pushing myself to the limit the last few weeks, up early and to bed late, grabbing a soda instead of water and never ever taking my vitamins.

So this week has been me getting back into my good habits. Fewer workouts, but more water, vitamins and rest.

If I'm going to keep working out every day I need to give my body the right tools to do it... and by god I'm going to get every gym visit I can out of that new membership.

Starting with going back to Pilates tomorrow morning.

My Russian instructor makes me feel like an ice skater in training.

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