Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Summer Lovin'

Dears I'm in love.

I realized it today as I ran the 2nd half of my five miles along the river tonight.

I'm in love with summer.

I know it will be hotter than hell soon, and I'll sweat and curse and wine later. But I'm loving spending time outside, eating fresh veggies and working up a sweat in the summer sun.

So for the next few weeks expect my blogs to be the ways I find to workout outside and skip the gym.

Monday Bella and I did a two mile walk on Riverside then tonight I went back with her and the kid sister and left them at a park and did 5 miles on my own.

Not only was the river and sunset beautiful to see, it wasn't too hot thanks to this morning's rain... and I had plenty of eye candy to enjoy while I trudged along.

Seriously ladies or men who are so inclined, throw on your running gear and grab some sunglasses and jog along the river. You'll see a variety of runners and bikers both with and without shirts who are sweaty and delightful.

Wear some lovely Jackie O glasses and you can ogle as much as you want unnoticed, at least that's what I did.


  1. "I'll sweat and curse and wine later"

    Freudian slip? ;)

  2. I actually noticed I mistyped... and left it. I will also be drinking lots of sangria this summer.