Sunday, July 25, 2010

Crushes and Body Image...

I've been thinking alot about body image lately. After my post with my skinny prom self... and my pal Brigid posted a comment about how my thoughts of inadequacy then are common among teen girls. She is a very wise woman, and I know my 15-year old is having a hard time with the same issues I had back in the day.

The same subject came up while I was watching the View today. Sidenote: I rarely watch the View mainly because I can't stand Barbara Walters and also want to punch Elizabeth Hasselbeck.

I watched because Martha Stewart and her dogs were on the show. I love Martha's dogs, who wouldn't:

They're adorable. So I watched for Martha and stuck around for one of my fave Mad Men actors, Christina Hendricks.

If you're not familiar with her, here she is:

Hot right?

The topic of her role in helping change the body image of sexy women came up... and she has said some delightful things in the past about being healthy and loving her curves... despite being told by agents to lose weight. It's really sad that so many girls and women can't take the same attitude about their bodies... it's also sad there aren't more women on TV and movies to help perpetuate that image.

I could ramble on and on about it... but instead I'm going to leave you with another picture of my girl crush, Ms. Hendricks. Yes, most girls have girl crushes... and we kind of assume all boys have boy crushes. It's okay, it's not weird and doesn't challenge your sexuality. In fact, it will probably make us love you more.

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