Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Last Meals...

I've been on the Macro for a little over a week. I'm not sticking hardcore to it, I'm following the basic tenets and am avoiding all meat and most dairy. I've had a bit of flour and cheese once since I switched. But the switch is pretty much in place.

Now before the switch I made sure to have one last meal including all the foods I was going to have to give up. It lead me and Mems to Denny's one Sunday afternoon, so she could eat breakfast and I could have a greasy club sandwich with some fries. I've mentioned my love of club sandwiches before... so it was a perfect last meal.

So as I sat digesting all the meat and bread and cheese I won't be able to eat for some time I started thinking of last meals... which led me to this website:

Some of my fave meals are the convicted killers who just ate tubs of ice cream pre-execution... like a pre-menstrual girl would while watching chick flicks (see Timothy McVeigh).

And I wonder if the ones that skipped the meal altogether meant it as a "Fuck You" to the system... like anyone cared.

I'm also fairly certain KFC would go out of business if prisons stopped offering final meals.. fried chicken (which I hate) is well represented.

So my last meal theoretically would be a Denny's Club... what would you want to eat one more time before you leave this mortal coil?

No diet rules apply... balls to the wall. I mean did you see the guy who ate 3 pizzas and some ice cream?

Be creative!

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