Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Calling all runners...

So I've signed up for my next 5k and I'm plugging away in my training.

Then I started telling people I was running and putting a group together... well not so much a group but just a bunch of other people running the 5k with me.

I'm a slow runner and my goal is just to finish in 45 minutes or less... so my faster friends are going to run on their own pace. 

If you guys want to run one here's the info: St. Patty's Run

Let me know if you plan on running... we can do a Fat Ass group photo before hand.

I plan on wearing my green running tights and a sparkly green headband. 

You know I'll rock it.


  1. When you run you should wear a shirt that says "Irish you were dead."

  2. Give me a few weeks of training, and I'll see if it's feasible. I may have 4 ladies for your group!

  3. Yay Kelly!

    @ Chatty... I'll wear the shirt if I can find it.