Monday, January 24, 2011


So I did it.  I made it 21 days on the cleanse.  I didn't kill anyone, I didn't starve to death... or die from lack of caffeine. 

I'm so hardcore. 

Thanks for your tweets and FB messages post cleanse, they really meant a lot. 

Now, I'm going to stay vegan because it appears to be helping my auto-immune disease and making me feel less like an exhausted wench all the time.  So the cleanse kind of changed my life.  God, I sound like Oprah or Gwynnie don't I?

I told my nearest and dearest about staying vegan and my BFF Kristen sent me this link of FB-

Stuff Black People Hate - read it now and laugh hysterically.  I wasn't surprised because Kristen writes this.

So what did I do post cleanse but still vegan? 

I did brunch my pals... and drank too many delicious mimosas.  I seriously missed alchohol.  So I drank a lot of it... and ate an avocado wrap from Stonehorse Cafe... so good.

I also had exactly one M & M cookie... which was not vegan but met my sweet tooth.

And exactly one of my beloved screwdrivers... Vodka is like my long lost sister.

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