Friday, March 18, 2011

Me & Popeye

I'm obsessed with spinach.  I eat it 3 times a day sometimes in different ways.

I start off with a variation on a green smoothie.

Grilled hummus sandwich with spinach for lunch and a salad for dinner.   Spinach on burgers.  I use spinach as my lettuce.

I guess I'm hoping the leafy greens will help me build my muscles... though I'd like them a bit more normal looking than his. 

I also use the veggie to get iron and calcium, since I don't eat meat or dairy-the 2 most common sources of it, I just have to make sure to eat it with some vitamin C to make sure my body absorbs it. 

I've been borderline anemic since I was diagnosed with my weird blood disorder and eating lots of spinach sure beats taking those big horse sized iron pills.

Of course if I ever start squinting one eye and stuttering tell me to lay off the spinach.

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  1. C'mon! Who doesn't want gigantic forearms?