Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Stolen Idea

So the other day one of my blogging buddies Laura wrote a blog about the supplements she takes to stay extra healthy.

Now Laura is A) awesome B) can cook real food and C) is a planking queen.  When she got on twitter and asked about any supplements people took I of course told her about my obsession for the children's gummy vitamins with extra calcium.  For reals.  Delicious.

I have a medicine box full of supplements I should but don't take.  So in light of Laura's example I'm going to look at what I'm taking now, what I should be taking and what I'm going to start taking.

 First things first this is my pretty medicine box.  You can't tell in this picture but the beads are sparkly and fun.  I've had this box for years, I got a make up gift set in it once and I've never thrown a box away.  Like I'm an obsessive compulsive organizer, I even have my underwear and socks folded in boxes I keep on a shelf in my closet.  Separate boxes of course.

Next up are the pills that are supposed to lower my crazy bad cholesterol in theory I take this 3 times a day, really it's whenever I remember.  I need to take a page out of Laura's book and carry my pills with me all the time.

Bonus: It has been shown that adding oils containing Omega 3 helps reduce craving for fatty foods. It also reduces amount of insulin, thus reducing hunger. Another important role of Omega 3, 6 and 9 is in assisting proper metabolism of other fats. Deficiency in Omega 3, 6 and 9 can result in the body's need for other kinds of fat, which will result in gaining weight.

And of course my nightly jelly bean vitamins.  I'm seriously addicted to them.  I eat like twice the serving.  I figure it's okay since they're made for kids and I'm a grown up.  Kind of.

And the pills I 'should' take.  I have a wheel of pills with glucosamine, B12, Vitamin C, and a woman's one a day that just sit in my medicine box and I never ever take them.  I should probably change that.

Notice the labels.  Again, I'm OCD about organization.

There are also the things I do for my blood that are supplements of sorts:
  • Flax Seed- I grind my own and use it in my smoothie every morning.
  • Tulsi Tea- this is also called Holy Basil Tea it helps regulate your insulin levels in your blood (it can really help diabetics) and lower cholestorol.
  • and of course the no meat/most dairy to avoid the hormones and processed foods.
So I'm making my little baggie of pills to get back in the swing of taking all the required supplements.  Maybe if I fill up on these things I'll curb my sweet tooth.

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