Thursday, November 3, 2011

Financial Fitness..

In my quest to get in shape I've been cleaning up other aspects of my life.  I've cleaned out closets, trimmed my overflowing book collection and I'm cleaning up my finances.

Basically I eventually want my life to be as fit as I'm hoping my body will soon be in... but it's proving to be as difficult as getting rid of my gut.

I have a plastic problem, by that I mean I'm to quick to whip out my discover card.  I pay it off every month but I'm paying way too much on crap I don't need and meals out I don't need to have.  It's keeping me from being able to pay more down on my bank loan or put more into savings.  So I'm putting up the plastic.

I've been limiting myself to one meal out a week, skipping spending on things I don't need (I think I need a lot of stuff I don't) and putting all my extra money on my loan.  I for real need to be out of debt (not counting student loans of course) by the spring.

With that in mind, if I get down to my lifetime goal of Weight Watchers I don't have to pay anymore, so I'm making that an added incentive to get on the ball.

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