Thursday, March 10, 2011

Attacking my Body.

So I went to the gym to take my friend Jason's class today.  Body Attack. 

What the hell was I thinking taking a class with attack in the title?  It's warning you that you will hate yourself halfway through the class.  But it's that good hate where I know I'll be sore later.

Here's info on the class itself from the Gold's Website:
Body Attack is a 55 minute workout with two aerobic sections to challenge your cardio fitness and stamina. This class consists of Warm-Up, Mixed Impact, Aerobic, Plyometrics, Upper Body Conditioning, Running, Agility, Intervals, Power, Lower Back Conditioning and Cooldown. This Class is a MUST For Those Serious About Their Fitness!

It is a serious class.  I never stopped moving the 55 minutes, except for stepping out to get a drink of water or when I got confused by the footwork and just waited for the next move.
I'm not the most graceful person so I did get mixed up in some of the footwork and there were some moves that involved a lot of jumping... and I didn't want to have to explain to people  this week that my eye was black because my boobs smacked me in the face while working out... so I just ran in place during some moves.
But by the time the class was over I was drenched in sweat and my legs were super sore.  Probably the combo of class today and running three miles yesterday.  My quads want to kill me.
But I made it the whole class, Jason didn't kill me.  Though he keeps trying.

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